What is Stand-By?

Stand-by is the first step to adoption from Deaz if our wait lists are full.  Stand-by is a generic list that is not linked to any particular parents or litter.  With your paid deposit of $200 (non-refundable), you will be placed in order of which your deposit was received.  

When new wait lists are created, you will be contacted and offered a spot on the list if your preferences match the parents' expected results.

You are welcome to pass and remain on Stand By until a puppy or litter interests you for up to 1 year from your deposit date.

Going on Stand By puts you a step ahead of the general public, as we will no longer announce available lists or puppies publicly until all Stand By customers have been offered a choice.

How do Wait Lists work?

Wait Lists can be seen on our "Upcoming Litters" page.   Stand-by customers who have already made a deposit will have first choice of any new wait list spots available.

When a pregnancy is confirmed, we will open a wait list for that litter with a limited number of spaces.  A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to be on our wait lists (your stand-by deposit will transfer). 

In order to be sure you find the puppy you are looking for, we do allow you to be on 2 wait lists at one time.  If you defer from 3 wait lists, you will lose your deposit and another deposit must be paid again once you are ready to adopt.

Once the litter is born, you will be contacted to schedule your Selection appointment to choose your puppy.  You will have 4-5 weeks of pictures (updated every 7-10 days) to narrow down your choices.   See more on selections below.

What is the Selection Process?

Once the puppies are born, you will be contacted to see if you wish to stay on the wait list or defer to your second waitlist.  You will see updated pictures on our Facebook page periodically.  We will be in contact within 3-4 weeks of birth to schedule your selection date/time (will happen between 4-5 weeks).  

We won't know which puppies will be available to you until we reach your spot on the wait list, so please have up to 3 puppies in mind for your selection consultation.

Selection consultations can be done in person (we are closed to the public until we feel it is safe to reopen after Covid-19) or via Facetime, Video Conference, or telephone.  Selections MUST be made within one hour of your appointment time, so please have your choices ready and any questions you may have. We can discuss markings, size, and temperament during this consultation, but please know that it takes a couple of more weeks to really see personality, so temperament will be based on parents and any signs we see at an early age.

If you are on multiple wait lists, you will have the option to choose a puppy from the available selections on your first wait list, or pass to choose from your second.  You will have to decided to "Choose or Pass" on the first litter before deferring to the second, so you must be sure you don't want a puppy from your first wait list, as we have many people on stand-by ready to adopt any available puppies not chosen. If you choose to pass on this litter and defer to another wait list, please contact us prior to your selection appointment.  If this is your only wait list, you can choose to transfer your deposit to the Stand-by list if no other wait lists are available.  Please note that you will be placed at the end of the Stand-by list and we cannot guarantee another puppy or wait list until we reach your spot on Stand-by.

If you choose to defer to your 2nd wait list, you will then be scheduled for a call/video to choose from that wait list based on that litter's selection date.

All selections are made in order of the wait list, and decisions must be made during the consultation.  You will have extra photos of each puppy to review (on Facebook) before the appointment.

Once you choose a puppy, you are locked in and can expect your new family member in 3-4 weeks! We will arrange for final payment and pickup shortly after you make your selection and then all that's left is to take your baby home!

Please note that Deaz Cockapoos reserves the right to select up to two (2) puppies from any litter at any time.  Our selection(s) will be made prior to contacting customers for a selection consultation and we do our best to keep you informed of the available selections.

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