Cocker Spaniels:


Jasper is a stunning chocolate merle Cocker Spaniel that weighs 24 pounds.  He has a striking calico coloring.  He lives with a guardian and is a 4H show dog for their youngest.  He loves to run and chase anything.  Swimming in the pool or the creek are his favorite!


Dex is a dark chocolate AKC Cocker Spaniel that weighs 25 pounds.   He is a goof ball and loves being outside.  He goes swimming in the creek and loves to run the property.  He is trained off lead and stays close to the house.  You can see the training collar on him, as soon as he hears the beep he comes running back to his master.  He is a very smart and beautiful dog. 


Toby is a Cocker Spaniel sable parti color and weighs 25 pounds and loves children with his entire being!  Toby is my dad's emotional support animal and goes everywhere with him including every Boy Scout event in the area.


Winston is a glorious Cocker Spaniel weighing 15 pounds.  He can produce red and chocolate.  His guardian family has done a wonderful job raising him with excellent manners.  He was easy to train and loves the attention of doing a good job. 



This Apricot cutie is Austin the poodle.  In the first picture he was 6 months old and 2 years old in the second picture.  He weighs 20 pounds and is such a lover.  He has the best personality and listens very well.  He is super smart and has a very soft coat.  Austin is a mommas boy and loves to be with me. 


Rizzo is a larger toy poodle weighing 13 pounds.  He has a strong drive to please, but is not the leader of the pack.  He likes to be held on his back like a baby.  


Deuce is a small standard poodle that weighs 38 pounds.  He is cream color and carries for chocolate.  He is so smart and easy to train.  He will be the sire for our Goldendoodles.  Deuce lives with a young couple and knows several tricks and loves to show them off!


Zues is a blue merle parti toy poodle that weighs 10 pounds.  He lives in a guardian home with a sweet lady and he has become the center of her world. He takes great care of her and is the best company!



This Red Dreamboat is Biscuit!  He is as red as a firecracker.  He lives with a guardian family very close by and we visit him on a regular basis.  He is quite the cuddle bug and loves to give kisses!  He was born in September 2013 and weighs 17 pounds.  


Mr. Harry is a chocolate merle F3 Cockapoo that weighs in at 26 pounds.  He has 2 striking blue eyes.  He has 4 kids to spoil him at his guardian home.  He loves to chase a ball, go on car rides, and be with his family.  Cockapoos make the best family pets ever and Harry is a prime example of this.


Rylie is pictured above!  He is an F2 Cockapoo and weighs right at 20 pounds.  He listens very well and loves being the center of attention.  He is accustomed  to getting all of the love one dog can handle.  He lives with a dear friend that lost her husband last year and he provides her company.


Chewy is a deep red F2b Cockapoo. Chewy lives in a guardian home where he is an emotional support animal. His guardian works at our facility and he loves to come visit. He loves to go on car rides and be with his person. He was born in November of 2018. He weighs 28 lbs. 


The Buff is Buster Boy!  Buster weighs 28 pounds and is an F2 cockapoo.  He is a playful fun loving and energetic male.  He lives in a guardian home and loves to be around his people.  Buster has been trained as a 4H show dog by their 6th grader and he did very good at the show.  I love that I get to groom him and spend time with him on a regular basis.


Murphy- has a deep red coat with lovely locks!  He weighs 19 pounds and has an F/F coat that will never produce a smooth coat.  Murphy loves all dogs and people. 


Ramsey is a beautiful deep red F2 Cockapoo with fantastic white markings that weighs 28 pounds.  He has an F/F coat and will never produce a smooth coat.  We expect big things from Mr. Ramsey.  He lives with a guardian family in our little town and has a 6 year old that loves him dearly! 


Bo is a chocolate merle. Although, he does have a red look. Bo lives with a guardian home and he is very spoiled. His guardian works at our facility and gets to come see us whenever she works. He was born November of 2018. He weighs 25 pounds. 

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