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Toy: under 15 pounds

Mini: 15-30 pounds

Standard: over 30 pounds

Who We are

From Deanna Sargent, Owner of Deaz Cockapoos


"We raise quality Cockapoo's in our home located in East Central Indiana.  Located roughly one hour from Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, and Indianapolis, IN.  All of our dogs live in a family home and the puppies are raised by the entire family, extended family, and staff.  They are registered with the American Cockapoo Club (ACC.) We LOVE these compassionate fur babies!


In 2009 we bought our first Cockapoo and he is the best dog that we have ever owned.  He is seriously SMART, soft and cuddly, always wanting to please, and great with the children.   My daughter even showed him in 4H her first year of Mini's as a 1st grader and he was able to perform all of the commands with very little effort from us.   Charlie is still looking as cute as he did as a puppy. 


We love and believe in this breed.   It is a wonderful addition to any family.  They are low to medium energy and do great in apartments or small homes.  Most do not shed and all are hypoallergenic with very low dander. "

~ Deanna

Charlie Pictured at 10 years old

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