Cocker Spaniels:


This little love bug is S'more.  She is a teeny thing only weighing 14 pounds.  She is considered a sable parti.  She has the most gorgeous amber colored eyes.  S'more has an eager personality, she wants to be the first to greet everyone that visits.  She lives with a guardian.


This Cocker Spaniel is Ladybelle.  She is a beautiful blue merle with tan points.  She is a sweetheart.  More of a follower than a leader.  She is very smart and loyal. She lives in a guardian home.


Above is Sheba a pure bred Cocker Spaniel.  She is AKC registered and weighs 20 pounds.  Her color is blue merle sable.  When she was born her coat was almost completely black, but by 3-4 months old she had morphed into this lovely red color.  Some of her puppies will do the same thing.  She looks a little grumpy in this photo, but she is a very loyal companion.  She is the guard dog around here.  Sheba loves attention and being around people.  When I sleep at night she curls around my shoulders to keep me warm. 


Angel is this little white Cocker Spaniel.  She weighs 16 pounds and has a small build.  She has the cutest way to greet her people.  Her whole body wiggles to tell you hello!  She lives with Addie and Sadie in a guardian home.


Mila is our smallest cocker spaniel in the program and has some of the most beautiful mini babies. She lives in our home and has a very independent personality.  I believe she was born with a cat mentality.  She does not like to be around people, but is not aggressive or afraid of them, however she will disappear when we have visitors. 



Heartley is a beautiful small standard poodle weighing 35 pounds.   She has eyes that will touch your soul and you swear she understands every word you say.  She will sit and listen to all of your secrets.  I know she is her guardians best friend.  Anyone that meets her falls in love immediately.  She is very loyal and extremely smart. 


Panda is the lovely black poodle with the striking white blaze on her chest.  She weighs 38 pounds.  She has a very sincere way of showing her love.  She will cuddle and want to be beside you at every turn!


Meet "Spunkie Punkie Brewster"  aka Punkie.  She weighs 24 pounds and is a large mini or moyen size poodle.  She lives with us and is a complete daddies girl.  She loves to jump and and run the back yard with the other dogs.  She can get cleaned up nice, but she likes to play in the dirt. 


Penny is a beautiful Red and White Parti Standard Poodle that weighs 50 pounds.  She is the largest dog that we have and will produce larger puppies.  They will be the size of mini Goldendoodle puppies.  Penny is the most affectionate dog here.  She does not give kisses, but will lean her head into your chest as to give you a hug.  She wants to be by my side at all times.  I love that she will smile at you when you talk to her. 


Above is Latte.  She weighs 35 pounds and is a Moyen Poodle.  She has a wonderful disposition that is laid back and easy going.  She loves any attention she gets, but is not over demanding. She has kept her dark chocolate color as she has aged.


This apricot beauty is Finley a full poodle weighing 24 pounds.  This picture shows that a haircut can make a world of difference.  Finley has a strong attachment to her mom and is the worlds best cosleeper!


This rare beauty is Poppy a Moyen Poodle with Brindle coloring!  We are very lucky to have her.  She weighs 25 pounds and has an insatiable desire to give everyone kisses.  She has been a joy to train and is so smart. 


This white apricot parti poodle is Willow.  She is a full sister to Poppy (get it Poppy Willow.)  This is the first set of sisters that we have kept together here.  We get a lot of questions about the bonding of sisters and these two are absolutely inseparable.  We do have several dogs in and out, but regardless of how many dogs we have these 2 are always side by side.



Hazel is a an F2 Cockapoo that weighs 20 pounds with more of a Cocker Spaniel build.  She has the most outgoing personality and wants to be everyone's friend.  If 2 people are trying to give her love she can not choose a favorite person and will bounce between them.  She is very well behaved and loved pet of ours.


Piper is a very petite chocolate merle with phantom markings.  F2b She loves to follow her mom and insists on being in a lap.  She is a true lap dog only weighing 14 pounds.


Above is our beautiful blue merle Addie.  She is an F1 Cockapoo and weighs 25 pounds and has stunning blue eyes.  She is very well behaved and comes when called.   She lives with a guardian that has 3 of our breeding girls.  Her house sisters are Sadie and Angel. 


Marley is a Chocolate tuxedo. She loves to chase a ball, be around other dogs, and getting attention from anyone that will give it to her. She lives in a guardian home.


Bonnie is a red cockapoo. She lives in a guardian home. She has a fun loving personality and is always happy to see her family. Especially her four year old human best friend.

Mia to the left: Sophia to the right

The Red Girl on the left is Mia and the Chocolate merle Parti on the right is Sophia.  These girls live together in a guardian home.  Mia is more a princess diva dog that loves to get groomed, wear bows in her hair, wear clothes, and get pampered.  She weighs 14 pounds and is on the smaller side.  Sophia on the other hand will be the first one to roll in the mud, tree a squirrel, and chase a rabbit.  Her hunting instincts are strong and she loves to be outdoors.  Sophia weighs 21 pounds.  Both of these girls have a special place on the couch to snuggle with their humans every night. 


Rippley is 16 pounds and came from Sheba and Clifford's first litter.  She has an amazing blue eye.  She is a wonderful personality. Her guardians are smitten with her!  Her favorite game is to play catch me, but when you stop trying to catch her, she will come back for some lovin's.


Mavis is a chocolate phantom F3 Cockapoo.  She has a very calm and laid back personality. Mavis lives in a guardian home.


Lucy is a beautiful red tuxedo. She is extremely loving and affectionate. She demands the attention of her human. Lucy lives in a guardian home where she is the princess in her home. She lives to lay on her princess pillow and be her persons shadow.


Kali is a chocolate merle. She is a sweet lovable dog. She can jump higher than any dog I've seen jump at her size. Kali lives in a guardian home.



Autumn our only Goldendoodle!  When my husband and I married we had a Golden Retriever and wanted that same loving energy in our lives again!  Autumn did not disappoint, she is very spunky and super affectionate!  She is very good with children! 

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