When can I exepct a puppy?

Bringing home a puppy is a process that may take up to 6 months.  Expect to be on our Standby or Wait List for approx 1-6-8 weeks.  Gestation for dogs is around 2 months.  Once the puppies are born, they will live with us for 8 weeks.   At the end of it all, your patience is rewarded with a beautiful new addition to your family.  If we have any puppies immediately available, they will be on the AVAILABLE PUPPIES page.

We require all customers to complete an application to be consider.  Our HEALTH GUARANTEE is incorporated into our application.  When you sign the application, you are agreeing to our health guarantee.  Other important information and things to consider are included in the application.

Next step is a telephone interview where we will discuss what you are looking for and help make suggestions as to which lists will best fit your preferences and priorities.  Note, we do not guarantee adult color or weight.  We try very hard to get as close as possible, but once we choose a pair to breed, everything is up to mother nature!

Once approved we will email an invoice via Intuit.com.

Once paid, you will be placed on Stand By.



Deaz Cockapoos reserves the right to keep up to 2 puppies from a litter.  We will try announce "keepers" prior to selection day to help you narrow down your selection.  In most cases, our keepers will be adopted into guardian homes where they will live with a family as a pet.  They will visit Deaz to breed for a contracted amount of time.  We believe in breeding happy, healthy dogs and feel strongly that guardian homes is a wonderful way to share the love of our breeds with a family as well as continue our multi-generational breeding program.

If you live within an hour or close to it from our house then you may qualify to guardian a puppy and get your family pet at a fraction of the cost.  Click here to learn more GUARDIAN PUPPIES

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Does Deaz ever keep a puppy?

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