The Deaz Pack




Layla is a 12-pound F1 Cockapoo with a big heart.  She loves people and does her best to be in a lap any chance she gets.  Her petite features and loving eyes are expected to carry through to her babies. Her markings are considered Red Tuxedo and her coat is on the curly/wavy side.

Layla resides with a guardian family.


Piper is a 15-pound F1 Cockapoo. Her petite features and perky attitude make her a wonderful mother and pet.

She is considered to be a Chocolate Merle and produces Merle puppies.

Piper lives in a guardian home with her family.


Mavis is a 20-pound F1 Cockapoo.  She is a sweet, gentle lady with a calm disposition.   She is considered a Chocolate Phantom with a wavy coat.

Mavis lives in a guardian home with her famliy.


Annie is a 20-pound F1 Cockapoo with a curly, deep red coat.

She is always smiling and loves attention!

Annie lives in a guardian home with her family.


Brandy is a 25-pound Poodle.  She is super laid back.  Her coat is considered Red Parti and on the wavy side.

Brandy lives in a guardian home with her family.


Sheba is a purebred, AKC registered Cocker Spaniel.  She weighs in at 20lbs and is considered a Blue Merle Sable.

When she was born, her coat was almost completely black, but by 4 months old, she had morphed into this lovely red color. Some of her puppies will do the same thing. 


She looks a little grumpy in this photo, but she is a very loyal companion.  She is the guard dog around here. 

Sheba loves attention and being around people.  When I (Deanna) sleep at night she curls around my shoulders to keep me warm. 


Daisy is a 20lb purebred, AKC Registered Cocker Spaniel. She is a happy girl with spirit and loves human attention. Her color is considered Sable.

Daisy resides at the Deaz Family home.


Addie is a 25-pound F2 Cockapoo, meaning both of her parents were Cockapoos, giving her a 50/50 blend of both breeds. Her taller stature allows her to fit her head on your lap, where she prefers it to be.  She has big, loving eyes that show you her kind spirit.

Addie lives in a guardian home with her family.




Rizzo 13-pound purebred Toy Poodle.  He has a strong drive to please, but is not the leader of the pack.  He likes to be held on his back like a baby.  Rizzo is considered to have an Apricot coat.

Rizzo has proven to sire stunning puppies with red and buff colors.

He resides in a guardian home with his family.


Zues is a 10-pound Blue Merle Parti Toy Poodle.


His spunky personality makes him the perfect companion to his guardian mom!


Chewy is a 28-pound F2b Cockapoo with an amazing deep red curly coat.

He loves to go on car rides and be with his person (Savannah, our Kennel Manager). Chewy is an ESA for Savannah's daughter and lives in their home.


Ramsey is a 28-pound F2 Cockapoo with a beautiful deep Red Tuxedo coat.

He has an F/F coat and will never produce a smooth coat.  We expect big things from Mr. Ramsey. 

He lives with a guardian family in our little town and has a 6 year old that loves him dearly! 


Leo is an adorable 20-pound

F2 Cockapoo.

His coat is considered Chocolate with Phantom Markings and has a beautiful wavy soft texture.

He is a sweetheart that lives in a guardian home with his family.


Austin is a 20-lb Apricot Moyen Poodle. He has the best personality and listens very well. 

He is super smart and has a very soft coat.  Austin is a mommas boy and loves to be with me (Deanna). 

Austin lives with the Sargent family (Deanna).


Toby is a 25-pound Cocker Spaniel.  He is considered a Sable-Parti.  He loves children with his entire being!

Toby is Deanna's Dad's ESA and goes everywhere with him including every Boy Scout Event in the area!


If you have your puppy delivered, you may meet Toby!


Jasper is a 24-pound stunning Chocolate Merle Cocker Spaniel.  He has a striking calico coloring.

He loves to run and chase anything.  Swimming in the pool or the creek are his favorite!

He lives with a guardian and is a 4H show dog for their youngest. 

Future Parents

Take comfort in the fact that the parents of your puppy will most likely have deep lines in the Deaz program.  We are proud to say that most of our parents live in Guardian homes where they are raised as family pets, coming to us to breed and for whelping.

Browse below at some of our beautiful and happy puppy parents.


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